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    In order for the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group to advocate on your behalf, we want to better understand your current situation and what is important to you.

    Please complete the following survey and once you're done, share it with your local screen industry colleagues and friends.

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    The Prime Minister announced that New Zealand is raising the alert to level 4 at midnight tomorrow. Once level 4 is in place, all New Zealanders not in essential services will be asked to stay at home. Current talk is of a month of level 4.

    During this time the Screen Industry Guild want to be able to provide advocacy for it’s members through this crisis.

    We are talking to central government on behalf of our members to advocate for assistance that can benefit our members to get through this crisis.

    • The government is offering various wage subsidies and financial assistance. The guild will get further advice for our members of the best options and methods to access assistance. See the link below for the latest information on wage subsidies and the application process.
    • If you have concerns and questions, please get in touch. We may not have all the answers, but we can ask the questions more directly to the government to try to work through any problems.
    • We may send out some surveys periodically to capture the challenges the screen sector is facing to better assist ongoing dialogue with the government.
    • Both council and central government screen organisations are in regular dialogue with the major industry organisations, and everyone is looking at everything that can be done to assist us all.
    • The Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group has been created to address the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our industry. This pan-sector team comprises many key screen industry guilds and organisations, as well as major stakeholders. This website will keep you informed on updates in the Screen Sector as we move through this time

    Below are three links you may find useful. Safe To Talk, wage subsidy links, and coping with financial stress:

        1) Safe To Talk is New Zealand’s national mental health helpline number. 

        It is free to text or call this number 1737 anytime to talk with a trained counsellor.

        2) For wage subsidy information, application links and updates check this online page for the latest information: 

        3) This pdf discusses financial stress and lists contact information for various support groups and agencies.

        We do urge you to contact us if you have any concerns or questions. We are here to support you at this time.

      • 24 Mar 2020 15:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

        In response to the immediate impact of COVID-19 on the New Zealand screen industry, the sector has today announced the formation of the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group and a screen-specific online information hub.

        While the indeterminate hiatus of a number of large international line productions has already resulted in job losses, many essential New Zealand productions continue to strive to keep cast and crew safe at work, whilst ensuring their productions remain operational. 

        Now, more than ever, the screen industry needs to work cohesively for the benefit of the sector at large. While progress continues on the Screen Sector Strategy 2030, the Strategy Facilitation Group has acted quickly to establish the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group to address the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry. This pan-sector team comprises many key screen industry guilds and organisations, as well as major stakeholders.   

        The website will act as a one-stop hub to assist screen producers and industry workers find screen-specific health and safety resources, wage and earning subsidy assistance and information, key updates on COVID-19 as well as relevant news and updates from screen guilds and industry organisations. 

        Currently, the key focus for the wider industry is the health and safety of those working on domestic productions and it is vital that all productions in New Zealand adhere to Government advisories and safety measures. Currently, the key focus for the wider industry is the health and safety of those working on domestic productions and it is vital that all productions in New Zealand adhere to Government advisories and safety measures. ScreenSafe, the industry’s health and safety advocacy group, has added two documents on the website, Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy and Covid-19 Contact Declaration Form*.  These documents are intended to give production companies and heads of departments guidance and forms to manage COVID-19 on a working production.

        The local screen industry eco-system right now is very fragile, and the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group recognises the importance of keeping domestic productions operational where possible, or ready to gear back up as quickly as possible should an increase in New Zealand’s COVID-19 Alert level necessitate work stoppages.

        The other key priority for the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group during this initial phase of the COVID-19 crisis is working closely with key stakeholders, including funding bodies and financiers, to explore the various ways in which the domestic screen production industry can be supported in order to continue working safely during these uncertain times.

        Beyond this acute response, the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group will also be looking at funding mechanisms and networks to facilitate training and development opportunities for affected businesses as well as individual crew members, performers, writers and directors.  

        These unprecedented times call for calm and proactive decision-making in order to protect the local screen sector and to ensure that when recovery happens – and it will – the industry is ready to operate at maximum capacity again for our domestic productions and so that international line productions can return as soon as it is viable.

        *Documents created with thanks by Health & Safety Officer Robert ‘Gibbo’ Gibson and Producer Rebekah ‘Bex’ Kelly.

        About the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group

        Established in mid-March 2020 by the Screen Sector Strategy 2030 Facilitation Group, the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group is a pan-sector team, made up of representatives from many key industry guilds and organisations, as well as major stakeholders.

        While the work of finalising the Screen Sector Strategy 2030 continues, the Screen Sector Facilitation Group felt it was essential to urgently establish a working group to address the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Screen Sector and to ensure that when recovery happens – and it will – we are all ready to gear back up and get the screen industry in Aotearoa humming again. 

        A key finding of the Screen Sector Strategy 2030 is the desire for a pan-sector unified voice and while that pan sector body is some time away still, it is evident that now, more than ever, our industry needs to work cohesively and it is with that in mind that this working group has been formed.

        The group’s members and stakeholders are as follows:


        Alice Shearman        New Zealand Writers Guild

        Brian Finn                 Weta Group

        Felicity Letcher          Main Reactor

        Grant Baker              Auckland Screen Alliance/Film Auckland /Images & Sound

        Hineani Melbourne    Ngā Aho Whakaari

        Kelly Lucas               Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand

        Matthew Metcalfe      General Film Corporation

        Patricia Watson         WIFT NZ (Women in Film and Television)

        Peter Clews              NZ Advertising Producers Group

        Richard Fletcher        SPADA / Libertine Pictures

        Sally Campbell          South Pacific Pictures

        Sandy Gildea            SPADA (Screen Production & Development Association)

        Sioux Macdonald      Screen Industry Guild of NZ /Filmcrews

        Tui Ruwhiu               Directors & Editors Guild of NZ


        Domestic and international screen producers & productions

        Government ministries: 

        Screen funding bodies: 

        Regional economic development agencies: 

        Regional Film Offices of New Zealand

      • 19 Mar 2020 15:24 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

        The government has released its initial wage subsidy package for businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

        How do SIGANZ members access this and what do they need to provide?

        The information says the subsidy is accessible if you are an employer, contractor, sole trader or self-employed.

        Here are details of the application process.

        Your situation is either:

        • your staff are in self-isolation (or caring for others), or
        • your business's revenue has dropped due to COVID-19

        - You can apply online and you will need:

        your IRD number
        your business name (or just use your name in this field)
        business address
        the names of your employees
        your employee IRD numbers
        contact details for your business and your employees

        - They will then check if you qualify.

        - They may contact you if they need further information regarding your application. 

        - They’ll do this by phone.

        - If it's:


        • you receive the payment between 2-7 days


        • they’ll notify you

        Self-employed (contractor) application form:

        We feel most of our members will be operating either:

        1. A Registered Company (with one employee)


        2. A Sole Trader (Contractor)

        Contracting to various Production Companies operating in NZ.

        How do I access the Subsidy

        To qualify you need to:

        1.  Be registered and operating in NZ

        • Registered Company
          • Have a NZBN (New Zealand Business Number) you can find what your is by searching your company here:
        • Sole Trader (Contractor)
        • Have a personal NZ IRD number – and
        • They are working on a level of trust so they are processing payments on the information above. They may look into the information below at the later date
        • Govt licences and permits for their business needs - And
          • If applicable, some will, some won’t. Provide anything you can, but don’t worry if you can’t.
        • Qualifications or registrations for their trade or profession
        • Guild Membership
        • Any other documented qualification that may apply.

        2. Be legally working in NZ

        • You need to be a Citizen, Permanent Resident or have a valid work visa.

        3. You must have a current or expected 30% decline in revenue over a period of a month compared to the same month last year. 

        If you require proof of upcoming contract work we can look at helping with the below suggestions.

        • Have a letter (or email) from an upcoming production or productions you were expecting to be working on as the bulk of your upcoming revenue which states the production has halted due to Covid-19.
        • The Guild is attempting to get letters which we can distribute to members on request from various productions and industry organisations.

        4. Must have taken active steps to mitigate the impact of Covid-19. 

        • If you require proof of these steps the guild can provide a letter saying the member has actively approached the guild for advice on mitigating the Covid-19 impacts to fulfil this requirement.

        5. Must make best efforts to retain employees

        • This should be straightforward for both sole traders and companies in this situation.

        What do I get?

        The subsidy will be paid at a flat rate of $585.80 (over 20hrs per week) or $350.00 (under 20hrs per week).

        The subsidy is paid in a lump sum and covers 12 weeks.

        The MSD information can be accessed here:

        Self-employed (Contractor) application form:

        Employer Application form:


        Wage Subsidy and Leave subsidy

        Taxable income for contractor? Wage - No Leave - No
        Subsidy attract GST for contractor? No No
        When employer pays employee, is the employee subject to tax? Yes Yes (i.e. Employer deducts paye/KS etc when they pay staff as normal but it will be tricky to seperate things in the normal payroll. 
        Is the subsidy deductible to employer when paid to employee? No No 

      • 19 Mar 2020 14:25 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

        The impact of Covid-19 has radically changed the New Zealand Screen Industry and the ability for us to work.  The situation changes daily so in response to this ScreenSafe has created a page on with a list of links to websites that provide up to date information and advisory notices on the disease.  Use them to keep yourself informed of the current situation so you can make informed choices about how you keep yourself safe and healthy.

        ScreenSafe has added two documents on the website, Covid-19 H&S Policy and Covid-19 Contact Declaration Form created with thanks by Health & Safety Officers Robert ‘Gibbo’ Gibson and Rebekah ‘Bex’ Kelly.  These documents are intended to give Production Companies and HOD’s guidance and forms to manage Covid-19 on a working production.  

        COVID-19 - Health & Safety Policy for Productions - download

        COVID-19 Declaration Document for Productions - download
      • 18 Mar 2020 14:08 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

        Full details of the Government's $12.1bn rescue package announced this afternoon are available here.  The good news is that the rescue package covers self-employed and contractors which provides relief for the screen sector in the short term.

        Included in the package is $8.7bn for business and jobs;
         and $5.1bn in wage subsidies which includes self employed and contractors. This is available for up to 3 months and will be re-assessed after that period.  Here is the link if you would like to make an application.

        * $126m allocated to leave/isolation reports: once again contractors/self-employed are covered under this payment.  Workers are covered for the 14-day stand down period, or the entire period if the worker has contracted COVID-19.

        * $2.8bn in business tax changes to free up cash flow; this includes a provisional tax threshold lift (to $5,000), the reinstatement

        The Screen Guild is working towards coming back with recommendations for our members how best to fulfil the criteria, and successfully complete the forms.

      • 18 Mar 2020 14:06 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

        The Screen Industry Guild is reaching out to the crew of any of the productions that have been affected by temporary schedule changes, postponement or cancellation due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus to offer our support at this time. 

        We realise that the unexpected shut down can cause emotional, financial concern, and / or stress. 

        Below are three links you may find useful. Safe To Talk, Coping with financial stress and WINZ:

        1) Safe To Talk is New Zealand’s national mental health helpline number. 

        It is free to text or call this number 1737 anytime to talk with a trained counsellor.

        2) This pdf discusses financial stress and lists contact information for various support groups and agencies

        3) If you have been affected by COVID-19, WINZ may be able to provide financial support. You may be self-isolating at home, or your work may be affected.

        The Government is going to announce financial measures to help people through this crisis so be aware of the announcements in the coming days and see how this might help your situation.

        Please remember this is a unprecedented crisis that affects the whole world, it is not a result of something that you have done and so keep a positive frame of mind.

        This is the latest update on the COVID-19 information here

        The Screen Industry Guild / ScreenSafe is also available for you to call on +64 09 889 9522 (always dial 09 – even from Auckland) or email your Executive Officer - Kelly Lucas at

      • 4 Feb 2020 11:54 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

        This is an advisory notice only you should check directly with your broker for the latest information. 

        With the spread of a new coronavirus strain from Wuhan, China and indications of human to human transmission, please be aware that travel restrictions have been issued for all travel to, from and through Wuhan, China (the “Incident”).

        This notice means that, with respect to all travel to, from and through Wuhan, China after 5:00 pm on 22 January 2020, Chubb will treat any claims related to the Incident as ‘foreseen’ and not covered.

        For more information on the coronavirus, please check the World Health Organisation website.

        Policy Response:

        Chubb will assess all claims in accordance with the facts of each case, the Policy Wording and your Certificate of Insurance (COI). Your cover will depend on the type of plan you purchased and your particular circumstances. Please read the Policy Wording and COI for further information with respect to your cover.

        Chubb travel insurance policies may have provisions (dependent on the policy you are covered under, level of cover and plan) to cover travel cancellation or disruption losses.

        If you are an insured person and you require emergency assistance, please contact Chubb Assistance on +64 9 374 1774 for Leisure policy holders or +64 9 374 1775 for Corporate Business Travel policy holders.

        If your travel is cancelled or disrupted causing you loss then please first contact your travel agent or the airline (before submitting a claim) to seek a refund or make alternate travel arrangements based on existing tickets. After this, if you still have a loss then you may wish to submit a claim along with the original and amended itineraries and relevant documents to substantiate your remaining loss.

        Chubb leisure travel claims for New Zealand can be lodged here. Corporate policy holders should first contact the broker handling their account for clarification on the lodgment process.

      • 4 Feb 2020 10:53 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

        Christchurch Branch Chair Amanda Jenkins brings members up to date with the action in Canterbury.

        Good news – the Canterbury screen industry is alive and kicking and now has its own Screen Guild branch.

        In December we had a much anticipated, inaugural meeting of the Christchurch Branch of the Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand.

        Over the last few years the local Christchurch screen industry has been evolving rapidly with a wealth of local and international content. AS we grew, we saw the need to recognise and celebrate the fact our skilled technicians are servicing production requirements.

        The aim of the new branch is to ensure the local industry has a voice, is visible, connected, enables collaboration, and offers a greater support network within our region to prepare for growth.

        Canterbury annually boasts a healthy collection of productions from stills, TVCs, web content, drama, feature films, and documentaries, and has seen increasing international enquires about the diverse locations the Canterbury region has to offer. This summer alone, location scouts have been exploring sunflower plantations, crops, coastal cliff tops and mountains, green pastures, fields, trains, lakes, roads, small towns, beaches, harbours, tropical forests, and new urban architecture in Christchurch City.

        The Christchurch screen industry is also excited to be working alongside the new Screen CanterburyNZ Film Office which is actively promoting Christchurch and Canterbury/West Coast locations to the domestic and international marketplace, and is also looking forward to harnessing new opportunities in Canterbury for creating local content and training.

        International TVCs and documentaries filmed at various Canterbury locations in the last couple of months came out of China, USA, Europe and Australia.

        International Features have been also produced and filmed by ABC, Disney, Emperor Motion Pictures, Netflix, and BBC in the Canterbury/West Coast region over the past year.

        We are also excited to hear that there are enquiries to film a multiyear television series in Christchurch in the near future.

        Over the past few months over 25 TVCs, web and print advertising productions for the National and International market have been produced for a range of brands in Christchurch and Canterbury.

        We also love to tell our own stories. Virginia Wright's documentary, funded by NZ On Air for TV One, is near completion. It commemorates the first anniversary of the Mosque attacks in Christchurch exploring the effects on the families and community. In addition to that, she has other feature documentaries also in development.

        Belmont productions is producing Maurice and I, a feature-length documentary directed by Rick Harvie and produced by Jane Mahoney. It explores the remarkable partnership of local architects Sir Miles Warren and Maurice Mahoney. The film tells the story of their groundbreaking work in Christchurch in the 1960s and 70s, as well as their built legacy that was all but destroyed in the 2010/11 earthquakes; including the pair's subsequent fight to save the Christchurch Town Hall from demolition.

        Christchurch Film makers Vanessa Wells and Slavko Martinov have also exciting projects in production and development.

        Overactive Imagination is in post-production for local writer/director Gillian Ashurst’s NZFC Catalyst funded short The Meek. Shot on location in North Canterbury the short is produced by Nadia Maxwell and Catherine Fitzgerald (Blueskin Films). Nadia and Gillian are also in advanced development on feature film GNATS, which was selected for Script to Screen’s Story Camp in December 2019.

        I have been selected to attend Share the Knowledge: Line Producing international workshop in February with Firefly films, While Nadia Maxwell has been selected for Script to Screen’s producers training course Strength in Numbers. Both training courses are being sponsored by Screen CanterburyNZ.

        Earlier this month the NZ Cinematographers Society held a well attended workshop in Christchurch attracting 30 camera professionals based in Canterbury.

        Christchurch is really gaining momentum and is a place to watch for future growth with exciting times ahead - bring on 2020!

        Amanda Jenkins
        Chairperson Christchurch Branch

      • 4 Feb 2020 10:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

        We are very proud to announce that we now officially have a Christchurch Branch of the Screen Industry Guild.

        Thank you for everyone in Christchurch who has put their time and effort into making this happen. I look forward to supporting the team in the South.

        Here is a list of the committee members:

        Amanda Jenkins - Chairperson

        Zac Beckett-Knight - Secretary

        Graham Thompson

        Clayton Tikao

        Catherine Simes

        Simon Waterhouse

        Julian Vares

        Brae Toia

        Jordan Mauger

        Jessica Bell

        Nadia Maxwell

        Caleb McDonald

        Marilyn Hudson

        Raymond Lum

      Members receive a printed copy of NZTECHO a month prior to them being released on the website.

      The Screen Industry Guild is the short name for The Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated. 

      The Screen Industry Guild is supported by its members and the New Zealand Film Commission.

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