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The formal name of The Screen Industry Guild is The Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated. The Screen Industry Guild was incorporated as The New Zealand Film and Video Technicians' Guild Incorporated and voted to update the name at the 2017 AGM. 

We are a non-profit professional incorporated society representing the interests of film and video crew and allied crafts in the New Zealand screen production industry.

The Screen Industry Guild has a wide membership base across the main production centres of Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown. Members include camera, sound, lighting, grips, art department, makeup, wardrobe, assistant directors, editors, broadcast, set construction, location managers, production managers and co-ordinators, script supervisors, special effects and visual effects technicians, technical directors, animal wranglers, on-set nurses and safety officers.

We represent crew and campaign for fair and safe working conditions. We offer professional advice, expert opinion and influence throughout the sector.


The Screen Industry Guild was originally set up to create representation in an industry where freelance conditions predominate and crew had to fend for themselves. It also created opportunities for like-minded individuals to get together and share experiences.

When it started in the early 1980's The Techos' Guild was part of “The Academy” in partnership with independent producers and directors. The Academy broke up in 1988 and the technicians registered the New Zealand Film and Video Technicians' Guild as separate incorporated societies in Auckland and Wellington. The two merged in 1996 with a national structure and two local branches. The Queenstown branch was formed in 1999.


  • To provide New Zealand screen technicians a professional association and forum
  • To promote the interests, opportunities for employment, welfare and safety of New Zealand screen technicians
  • To promote and maintain professional standards of New Zealand film and video technicians.
  • To represent the interests of members in dealings with employers and producers
  • To help resolve disputes, complaints, and problems of concern to screen technicians
  • To promote and maintain liaison with kindred organisations
  • To publicise, inform, and educate, through meetings, exhibitions, lectures, publications, seminars and workshops.

The Guild also raises money for projects, publishes health and safety documents, lobbies government on relevant issues, works closely with other industry organisations to maintain industry standards, works with NZ immigration on work permit applications by overseas technicians.

Organisational structure

The Screen Industry Guild is registered with the New Zealand registrar of incorporated societies and is governed by a constitution and the rules that apply to incorporated societies. Download the constitution (PDF 454kb).

There are three regional branches in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown, whose branch committees nominate the national executive.

The national president and vice president and the branch chairs and committee are elected directly by members, generally around the middle of the year. 

The president, executive and branch officials receive no remuneration or honorarium. However, members who perform services for the Guild that makes them unavailable for freelance work, may be paid a limited fee.

An executive officer is employed to manage the national office. 

The Screen Industry Guild is the short name for The Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated. 

The Screen Industry Guild is supported by its members and the New Zealand Film Commission.

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