Public resources

Underneath the resources menu above you will find publicly available resources developed by The Screen Industry Guild for the benefit of screen industry technicians, and the wider industry.

The most important resources are:

  • Safety through Screensafe
  • Engagement code of practice - The Blue Book
  • NZTECHO Magazine - downloadable on this website after members have exclusive access to the print issues for a quarter. This is made publicly available when a new issue is published in print. 

Member resources

The Screen Industry Guild also develops resources for the benefit of members. Look under the  Member area navigation link. You will need to log in to see member resources.

The Screen Industry Guild is the short name for The Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated. It was previously known as the New Zealand Film and Video Technicians' Guild Incorporated or as the Techos' Guild.

The Screen Industry Guild is supported by its members and the New Zealand Film Commission.

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